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Interior Design QR Code

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INTERIOR DESIGN I Miss Judkins e-mail: COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course enables students to explore their creativity in the field of interior design. Design and Presentation methods, Identification and application of the elements and principles of design are emphasized throughout. Also included is an introduction to housing floor plan symbols and circulation patterns. Students will compile all of these concepts into a One Room Final Presentation board. The STATE required performance objectives (assignments) are: 1. Demonstrate professional lettering and mounting techniques. 2. Present examples of the elements of design and explain each concept in writing. 3. Create a color wheel identifying primary, secondary, and tertiary/intermediate colors 4. Create tints, tones and shades. 5. Create or present visual examples of major color schemes. 6. Present examples of the principles of design and explain each concept in writing. 7. Identify and Label common floor plan symbols. 8. Label a floor plan with the three basic living zones and indicate the functions of each zone. 9. Using a floor plan, create a furniture arrangement incorporating principles and elements of design and space planning.

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